3 Challenges You Should Know About Before Considering a Scalable Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

//3 Challenges You Should Know About Before Considering a Scalable Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

3 Challenges You Should Know About Before Considering a Scalable Enterprise E-Commerce Platform

Are you a large-scale online seller in the UK and Australia? Probably, the current e-commerce platform is limiting your growth. Every moment you encounter traffic-related web crashes. Also, your customers are always complaining about your services. Your performance analysis is indicating that your site loading speed is slow. Now you have decided to move your venture to a scalable enterprise e-commerce platform. Good idea!

With it, you’re certain that the customers will enjoy better services and you will earn a wooing profit.  However, before making a move, it is crucial to be aware of the barriers and obstacles you will encounter. Having information on the expected challenges will help you to develop strong strategies and tactic. In this essence, here are 3 major challenges of an enterprise e-commerce business:

Cart abandonment

Unlike in the brick and mortar store where customers pay for what they shop, the online option is different. Online customers can shop and leave the cart without paying. The problem with this is that you can’t sell what the customer has put on their carts. So, you have to wait for them to come back and complete the transaction. Or else, you need to reach out to them with offers. According to current data, cart abandonment is a major problem. About 70% of online shoppers leave carts before completing their transaction. Your enterprise e-commerce platform has a central role in this problem. Before considering other features, always ensure it has simple checkout process and offers multiple payment options. This way, you will minimize the cart abandonment challenge

Challenges in meeting the scalability demands

Scalability demands are the next challenge facing enterprise e-commerce ventures. As you know, these ventures serve both B2B and B2C customers. The scalability needs of each type of customers are different. Many enterprise e-commerce solutions concentrate on catering for scalability needs of one type and neglect the other. This aspect causes unending challenges in your business. One type of customers experiences poor services leading to lost sales. Hence, when considering a platform, ensure it balances the scalability needs of all customers.

Issues with the item shipping and deliveries

Shipping and deliveries mark the last phase of the sales process. As you’re aware, reception is the end of this process. When running an enterprise business, you have massive orders to fulfill. This aspect can lead to address and customer detail confusion. For this reason, always consider an enterprise e-commerce platform that can enable you to offer swift shipping and deliveries.

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